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In my dream I am running and I fall over, my body turns into curvy lines like the contours on a map. Slowly I begin to dissipate into the ground as my limbs become the branches of trees and my still heart sinks deep into the earth.

I have been motionless on a motorway for three hours and I know it’s serious, in reality someone close has breathed their last and I wonder whether their soul is forming part of the landscape.

The air is still, just the gentle birdsong of an Autumn dusk. No one can hear the rushing of blood in hearts beating fast in frustration at the stillness.

I am heading to Manchester to celebrate a birthday, not a person but an institution, a construct of the human mind. The television programme Blue Peter is sixty years of age and in its many years of adventure, humour and good intentions it creates a positive vibe in every conversation, tweet and memory that it has spawned.

In a few weeks time at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of November there will be a heartfelt remembrance for the many homo sapiens who in their collective folly diminished their numbers in droves.

We are connected by our exits and entrances, a birth, a death will be more profound especially when that person is loved by others but…
do we all end up in a soup of unknowable ingredients? Is it all sound and fury signifying nothing?

In January 2019 I will be appearing in a play written by my daughter Katie, called The Dame at the Park theatre in London. It is about a man who escapes the demons of his past by becoming someone else.

It is steeped in real family history but is the fantasy of a creative mind. So my question is…. ‘If’ we have a pre-destined linear existence can we choose to change it? The correct answer can have a free ticket to the show.

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