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Family travels | Volume 3


Actor and one time Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan backpacks around India with his wife Annie, daughters Lucy, Katie, Georgia and son Arthur. From the slums of Delhi to the Himalayan foothills, through the desert of Rajasthan and on to the glamour of Bollywood, the Duncans discover a diverse and exciting country. In the tropical south they watch the famous Snake Boat Race and meet some extraordinary people recovering from the effects of the Tsunami.

This DVD also includes Arthur’s Trip to Jordan and the Daily Mail said “Here’s a welcome opportunity to watch this brilliant one-off travel documentary again. It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement as Arthur Duncan, accompanied by his Dad, sets off on an awesome journey into the Jordanian desert. A charming, intelligent and articulate guide, the young Arthur seems destined for great things”.

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I learned so much about India’s rich and diverse culture from this video that I now can’t wait to travel there myself!

Imran from Manchester

Sadly this vibrant and colourful travelogue draws to a close and it’s been a feast for the senses.

Daily Mail

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