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Are we turning Purple?

Its not easy to turn a country Purple. We are told that Blue mixed with Red would make Purple instead it often ends up as a dark sludge. It depends on how much Green and Yellow is in your Blue and how much Yellow and Orange is in your Red. When the colours Red and Blue are ‘true’ then you can make Purple. If Purple were a political party it would represent truth.

Everyone lies…bankers, legal drug dealers, historians, the holy, eugenicists, politicians, soldiers, lawyers, charities, thieves, tradesmen, charlatans, actors, art dealers, writers, a search engine, your online profile…

We are being lied to and it seems that those of us who are most susceptible to lies have been targeted directly and subliminally. The anonymity of such plotting requires a vigorous and indefatigable effort to expose but it could be worth while. When such elusive influences are brought into the light and branded, they lose their power over the people.

All the joys of an open connected world are turning sour. Those at the top table may seek order and stability but the rest may choose chaos. What’s to lose.

Purple is the colour of good judgement. Purge the liars and trust yourself.

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