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Peter has been been on our television screens and in films since┬áthe early 1970’s. His first leading role was in Oranges & Lemons for LWT where he played a paper boy who had an affair with an older woman. He appeared in two Plays for Today, one with Anthony Hopkins. He had roles in series such as Sam, Family Affair, The Flockton Flyer, Son and Lovers, King Cinder with guest leads in Warship, Fallen Hero, Renoir my Father and Space 1999.

His film credits include Stardust where he was a member of the Stray Cats with David Essex and Keith Moon and Quilp in which he played Kit Nubbles opposite Anthony Newley. In 1973 he appeared in a film called The Lifetaker funded by the British Film Institute, years later when he began his Blue Peter career the press created the myth he was a former soft porn star. He finished the 70’s with a cameo in the classic film Flash Gordon.

After his Blue Peter and his two Duncan Dares series Peter worked mainly in the theatre in musicals and plays but soon began to to appear in reality programmes such as The Big Race in which he drove round the world through Europe to Siberia, Russia across the Bering Straits to Alaska and on to New York.

In 2000 he began to make his own TV programmes such as travel documentaries in which he and his family travelled the World.

They produced three six part series including China and India. His TV adventures have continued in such programmes as Demolition Dad, The Games and Total Wipeout leading almost inevitably to Tumble.

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