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Panto Online – “Cinderella”

I must be the laziest blogger in the cosmos as it has been over a year since I put middle finger to keyboard.

For your information (FYI, I really hate doing/seeing that) my attempt at producing an online pantomime film was a resounding success, so we have made another one. The critical praise has persuaded my ego and more pragmatically the market research department, (my partner) to take the risk. We are in the post production phase having got to a ‘picture lock’ our creative team now add the orchestrations and sound effects.  Apart from usual malarkey of slapstick and laughter it is the songs that are currently bringing heart leaping moments. Our original musical tributes to the Beatles, Sondheim and Billie Eilish may please many an astute ear. In show business it’s always boom or bust.

(Ad break…Cinderella the grand family pantomime will be available in cinemas and online from December. Go to to see the spectacular trailer. ‘5* on mushroom trip advisor’)

In my universe the pandemic has created a flurry of activity. I even ran a six hour marathon, (for chugging round the extraordinary streets of London with its poverty and wealth on equal display. It’s a 3D version of the Pandora papers, the nitty gritty of human greed. As the old music hall artiste would sing ‘It’s the same the whole world over, ain’t it all a bloomin shame. It’s the rich what get the pleasure and the poor what get the blame’

Double jabbed (currently awaiting my third although I’d prefer the ‘third world’ to get it first) and I’m perplexed as the next man/woman he/she about the cultural wars although they are preferable to real ones. I would love to exist in Johnsonian bubble of callous enthusiasm but somehow I know the shit is dropping in slow motion towards the fan.

In our online, ‘I’d rather be at home’ world our human inability to see beyond the end of our nose or gas bill may not end well. I worry generation A to Z will never have the same freedom of expression us boomers have indulged in. But then I’m a grumpy old pensioner, who cross-dresses (currently) for a living.

Final image…concrete cracking with the invasion of greenery

Final musing…philosophy has to take form.

Final thought…careful, that pumpkin’s acting strange.

‘End Titles’ song in the making inspired by the poet William Blake.

To see the world in a grain of sand

Heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

Eternity in a hour…

The forest fires burning bright

Where the river flows has burst its banks again

Ev’ry breath you take it may be in fright

Will the earthrise from the moon in vain…

On the silk road where the trading is done

Your crypto currency has gone awry

Under the sea deep where the torpedo’s run

To break the surface and fly into the sky….

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