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The Throng….

Panto season is here

The throng is rebellious twitching within their bubbles seeking to influence and sway without kindness. An information war, of course is much more palatable than a real one but I have a feeling a new age of darkness has begun to rain down.

However… the panto season is here and in my preoccupation with that jolly genre I have conjured the third in a trilogy of online pantomime films. Pantoland is the title – ancient, contemporary and daftly humourous requiring much audience participation. It’s a mash up of all the best bits of Aladdin, Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood plus tales of the unexpected. Featuring Muppets, Puppets and led by a sprightly Dame Dolly Doughnut in a parade of costumes to tickle anyone’s fancy. Silly songs, slapstick and carbon neutral it will evoke a sense of belonging where you can channel your inner child.

You can also watch the previous offerings too, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella – all for the princely or paupers sum of fifteen British Pounds for all three. It’s tough out there. Go to

I once had a paranormal experience playing Jesus in the Mystery Plays. After dying on the cross and ascending to heaven on a wet pensioners matinee I climbed into my car and was overwhelmed. I felt as if I had walked through an ethereal portal where nothing was inexplicable. ‘I was a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars, I had a right to be here’ I always long to feel again that deep flash of knowing calm.

I have just read a very good book. Chatter by Ethan Cross. It shows you how to deal with the voices in your head that lead to constant rumination. Tools to make you happier, healthier and more productive even when facing Armageddon. I jest I hope…

Final thought – what if when we kick the bucket a proportion of our accumulated earthly fortunes were to be given to ‘blue ticked’ charitable foundations of our choice rather than wasteful, authoritarian shysters.

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