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Thirty years ago I was part of an international team that drove overland around the world. We left London on the 27th December 1993 and arrived at the UN in New York just over three months later. It was a great adventure, done in the spirit of human co-operation. We spent most of our time in Siberia in a glasnost fresh Russia braving the artic of Siberia before boarding our snow machines and gliding 700 miles through ‘the land of the free’ to reach our final destination. And where are we now?  

I’ve always been a sucker for great adventures, my first acting role was Jim Hawkins in London in 1969. The bond between a brave cabin boy and the murderous old ‘sea- dog’ Long John Silver has always fascinated me. Its hard to explain their affinity yet by the end of the story you understand their respect for each other. In the tale the pirates and the posh toffs are all after the money buried and hidden from view. Human nature hasn’t changed much in that respect as conflicts, born of territory and uncompromising ideologies are on full display, and not in a good way. We are all swashbuckling adventurers at heart and want the freedom to travel and the wealth to do so. But it doesn’t feel right anymore…

Topophilia is my new favourite word suggesting in essence ‘a love of place’ As I have drifted away from the metropolis in recent months to the countryside its meaning has struck a deeper vein. Perhaps we don’t always need to strive for great adventures? If we do travel somewhere else, we should just love it for what it is. And it’s important now because, whether we accept it or not, there is a bigger cause. Yes, I mean the climate, I know, I’m one of those…sorry.

My plan is to stay put and affect change in small ways to my close environment, show compassion to place and people as best I can. Au revoir. 2023 we will never meet again.

You can watch ‘Overland to America’ here         

You can stream a good panto here at and visit Treasure Island too! And finally…if you want to love the planet but not at home. Try walking the world here…

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