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Tumble Episode 6 Farewells

K.McWilliam and P.Duncan


It is probably the crocodile lift that Kate and I did in Episode 1 that will always remind me of Tumble partly because Nadia Comaneci mentioned it in the final episode. I was of course to busy talking to notice and had to wait until I watched it  the next day to hear what she said. I was so pleased Bobby and Kristen won but H and Holly getting 40 points was an a wonderful achievement. In fact all the finalists had progressed by leaps and bounds…literally. The honourable Carl and Sita, Sarah and Leon, Amelle and Doug, Lucy and Billy all did themselves proud. Also to Andrea and Alex, Emma and Ivan, John & Kat who had their great moments too. The highlight for me was Our House..if there is a series 2 of Tumble – every episode will have to feature judges, acro stars and maybe the odd celeb in a humbling cameo in routines like this. The unsung stars of course are the location crews, the creatives – wardrobe – editors – concept teams – props – choreographers – acro & gymnastic contributors – design – lighting – graphics – execs and producers. The behind scenes organisers – the floor crew – the runners – the office folk – drivers – security…all did their work with joy. In fact the whole thing was a palace of varieties – a leap back to the days music hall, skill and laughter. Well done British Broadcasting Association!

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